Why Most Major Gift Programs Suck! #8: Not Donor-Centered

I have been reading, devouring The Veritus Group Passionate Giving blog. I am reposting another great piece – we talk about being donor-centered – being reminded (all the time) is a good thing.

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Hope and Expectation by Seth Godin

For those who check in here or on my social media posts, you know I am a Seth Godin fan….this one did not work for me. Hope is not a strategy – at least in fundraising.

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The Moral Bucket List by David Brooks

This is a MUST read – do you know the difference between resumé and eulogy virtues?

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Donor Relations the Walt Disney Way – Wayne Olson

Wayne Olson from the University of South facilitated Donor Relations the Walt Disney Way. Wayne admits to being obsessed with all things Disney and I am glad for it. He asks, “What if Walt Disney were the CEO of your nonprofit? Or Development Director?

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Fundraising & Behavioral Economics

In this post – an overview of the class I attended by Alan Hutson, Jr. and Bernard Ross on Behavioral Economics and how it applies to our fundraising, donors and success. The session was extrapolated from Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast Slow.

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The Veritus Group

May I suggest follow the Veritus Group Passionate Giving blog…..they write great material especially focused on major giving and professionals engaged in the work.

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Passionate Giving Blog

The Veritus Group has a great blog – Passionate Giving Blog. It focuses on providing practical information on major gift fundraising.

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