Engaging the Board in Fundraising – A Staff’s Guide

So what are the barriers that keep staff from being more successful in engaging board members to fundraise? And how can we increase our chances for success?

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Attitude of Gratitude Redux

The next time you pay a bill write down something positive that the service or product has helped you accomplish by using it. It will teach you to shift your focus from money being taken to the value you are receiving. Trust me. It works.

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Fundraising as a Manipulation??

Dear reader, I am hoping you share my shock and awe. Literally my jaw dropped. In many decades of fundraising, I have never heard a comment like this nor did the thought of donor manipulation ever go through my mind as part of moves management, strategy or donor-centric fundraising.

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Direct Response and American Cancer Society

As a reminder, the Society mailed 41 million direct mail pieces to cold prospects and non-mail Society donors in its last year of the strategy. As many can imagine, this decision had the industry talking and everyone became a crystal ball reader for what the future would hold for ACS’s program and revenue.

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Rejection: A Lesson in Fundraising Resiliency

This conversation about donors saying “No”, rejection and resiliency, started when I saw the TedXBarnard given by Barbara Corcoran of NYC real estate and Shark Tank fame. Just because a donor or prospect says “no” doesn’t mean we walk away from them. After a donor meeting that didn’t go as expected what did you learn?

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Heart Seth Godin – Fundraisers Anthem

The artists who dances on the edge – by Seth Godin. I think it is a fundraisers or nonprofiteers anthem.

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Relationship Fundraising Needs a Brand Refresh

And so to Engagement Fundraising. We know that for people to give, to do anything, frankly, they need to be interested, concerned, willing and, well, engaged. And the more engaged they feel – emotional reward, feedback, recognition, satisfaction – the more they’ll stay engaged. Not with you, but with the cause.

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