From a Donor Regarding Your Thank You Letters

A donors take on your thank you letter process.

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From Fundcatching to the Donor Qualification

Discovery and qualification is one of the most important next steps. Remember, these are donors who responded to a mass appeal or crisis – and never gave before – or maybe during the last crisis.

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Serenity Prayer – Adapted

If change is really what the person/organization wants to do or are they just talking about it.

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#PopeinDC via Fast Company

I say, ask yourself, “What would Pope Francis do?”

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From Fundcatching to Fundraising

I have been talking about this term “fundcatching.” In the previous post, I wrote about “converting” donors who reactively gave in response to something in the news, a disaster or publicity. This post I want to explore what all these unexpected donors can or should do for our major gift portfolios and annual fund.

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#PopeinDC or My Day with Pope Francis

What a day in DC! Pope Francis arrived for his first visit to the US! As he mentioned it was also Yom Kippur. So I decided to spend my fast with the Pope. Let me tell you, it was very emotional watching this man and his followers (including me).

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Fundcatching Conversion?

My question is what do we do with these gifts and the donors who so quickly responded? There is an ongoing discussion about “converting” donors from reactive giving to ongoing support. I have always had a challenge with the term “converting.”

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