I Moved to Melbourne….Australia!

I moved to Melbourne Australia! So excited for a new city, climate and job!

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New Year’s Theme 2016

My 2016 theme for your consideration. Join me in the dance won’t you?

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Your Best (#Fundraising) Self

Our best selves allows our passion to shine. And sometimes it means leaving an organization that does not allow us to be our best selves

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Gratitude – It’s not about the Money

Donors love and support your mission with passion. THAT is what we want to be grateful for. Our thank you notes, donor communications and end of year best wishes should be about their passion for our work and sharing how our work worked to make a difference.

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An Open Letter to the Board of Directors

It was nice of you to quickly approve our 2010 budget and my fundraising plan. I thought when you approved it you understood you have some responsibility in our success (and failure.) In case you didn’t notice, the budget calls for the Board to raise 10% of our income. My fundraising plan offers many opportunities for you to participate and I am here to help lead and support your efforts.

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An Open Letter to Our Director of Development

We were really excited when we hired you. Mostly because we knew you would do all the fundraising. We thought having a full-time fundraiser on staff would mean we would instantly raise more money. We expected, with your skills, our fundraising events and letters would be more successful than before.

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Virtual Reality Cultivation and Fundraising

Ok so you gamers are way ahead of me – but this is an amazing opportunity to see shoes delivered, staff and children interacting and the place in which Toms (and your purchase) is making a difference. It is a great way of showing off our nonprofit missions! You and your donors will be there. And you better believe organizations are already using it…..Charity Water leading the way (again).

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