BLOG ACTION DAY – Climate Change

Why is it important we talk about climate change? Despite what you may think about climate change – pro or con – you cannot deny our environment is and has changed.

Our ecosystem is co-dependent and interdependent. Small shifts make big impacts-positive and negative. Increases in CO2 warms the earth, changes climate patterns, warms the water that evaporates too quickly. Wildlife can’t survive changes – survival of the fittest becomes no survival at all.

I remember as a child – going to a park with a pond and feeding the ducks from my hand. The pond is dry the ducks are gone.

I visited Ayres Rock in Australia way before “eco-tourism” took over Aboriginal sacred land. There is not enough water to handle the hotels and tourists, yet we continue to make poor decisions in name of tourism to harm the land we call home.

I have lived on a Great Lake (Erie or Michigan) most of my life. They are losing a minimum of an inch of water every year. And they are expected to fall 1.5 – 8 feet by 2100. They support our economy, plants and wildlife.

We, humans, are the only sentient beings on the planet with the ability to make decisions that impact our climate. We are responsible for Earth. Every change helps – large and small. Light bulbs to surge protectors. Hybrid cars and public transportation. Walking and biking versus vehicular traffic. Food packaging and reusable shopping bags. Support companies with positive environmental policies. Advocate and make your voice heard – it has an impact!

Make change happen. Make the decision to change the climate in your own way, everyday.

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