NTEN – 2010 Nonprofit Tech Conference (#10NTC) – What I Learned

It may be difficult to express how fabu this conference is/was. But I shall try.

First Things First

Congratulations and thank you to the NTEN staff who put together a great conference. Check out the Twitter stream via #10NTC.

Thank you to all the peeps I met and learned from who shared so generously of their knowledge and spirit.

If you want to learn about social media, technology, multichannel marketing and fundraising you need to:

  • Join NTEN now so you can access lots of info from this year, webinars between now and next year and network with folks who know a lot of great stuff
  • Save the Date – March 17-19, 2011 – Washington, DC
  • Plan, budget, get a scholarship, use miles, get a sponsor but plan to be there


NTEN members review and vote on topics, sessions and presenters they want to hear. I was not disappointed by their selection or the sessions I chose to attend. Please visit the Nonprofit Technology Conference section of my blog for posts on workshops I attended.

  • We are Media preconference – See posts on podcasting and videocasting
  • Storytelling and creating a culture within your organization – See post and Jay Davis of Equality California and Roger Burks from MercyCorps
  • Multichannel and integrated marketing and fundraising – See post Eric Overton from Grizzard
  • Data driven fundraising, calls to action, testing – See Sarah Dijulio of M+R Strategic Services
  • Games for Change and Peacemaker – how we can change the world by developing a new way to learn, share and do – See Asi Burak
  • Andrew Sullivan – well he speaks for himself and did
  • Tools, tools, tools – A five hour science fair filled with iPad giveaways, TechSoup and vendors who can help make all you learned work – see post on multichannel marketing and investing the capital necessary for your organization to make it happen


This is a VERY social group. While a tech-oriented conference and association – the social in social media is literally alive and well when these 1400+ people get together. They share, hug, learn, teach, bump, tweet, RT, follow – Lather, rinse repeat. While there is certainly an “in” crowd of NTEN-NTC veterans, inside info/jokes and intros that were speaking to those in the “know”, there were so many newbies walking around, we helped each other decipher some info and share what we learned. The social events were very social. Everyone was up for anything. It is one of the few conferences who actually includes FOOD with your registration. Breakfast, lunch, heavy reception food and cash bar. Even those sporting the new iPad were humble in their ownership and generous in their sharing in your ohhhs and ahhhs.



Go to NTC 2011

Lather, rinse, repeat (social media mantra to make sure you message is getting heard, seen, repeated in the busy of social media)

Tweet ya later!

2 thoughts on “NTEN – 2010 Nonprofit Tech Conference (#10NTC) – What I Learned

  1. I am extremely interested in the use of social media to engage audiences, donors, volunteers, etc.
    Recently, I attended a session on social media at our local AFP chapter, and it was a “deer in the headlights” moment for many. There remains a great deal of skepticism about how effective social media in this arena. The main objection is that folks believe there are no solid case studies to “PROVE” that nonprofits shouldn’t “WASTE” their time with these tools.

    I welcome further comment and insight on this. I look forward heartily to your future posts! I’m only just coming on board to your blog, Barbara, and, if I may use the vernacular: YOU ROCK!

    1. Ruth,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I have certainly found the sessions I facilitate on Social Media full of nonprofit folks eager to learn more. Welcome to my blog, i hope you find it a source for information, inspiration and resources. Be sure to subscribe so it is delivered to your inbox so you receive new posts.

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