More than Managing Up

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In my journey of discovery and curiosity in Australia, I have learned that the high schools or “colleges” students attend are viewed as more important than the university they select. It is in high school close networks are formed and remain for a lifetime – and in many cases where the “old boys network” begins to take hold.

This also exists in the US for the same prestige, legacies and as feeders for the ivy leagues of the American higher educational system. This is not to say the same does not exist for women in Australia and the US – IMHO I don’t think it offers the same advantages to women as men.

If men are formed from a young age to be a part of a network of leaders, how do women fit or break into this “club” – socially or professionally? Boys/men deeply ingrained sense of leadership, ownership, privilege, power, abilities that must and will lead to success – let’s face it, anyone who has formed a strong, deep network of friends (who then become colleagues) and have been comfortable with each other since the age of 14 – that’s a tough circle to break.

If girls/women are not taught the same lessons or given the same opportunities or treated differently in classrooms than boys/men how will women not just level the playing field but start as equals? Or adapt and correct assumptions about their behaviour, worth and abilities that are ingrained in girls/women.

I realize there are many working and talking about this. Most recently previous and new voices like Gloria Steinem, Sheryl Sandberg, Gail Sheehy. But we need MORE voices, LOUDER voices of encouragement and change within systems and outside of them. And women must learn to manage personally and professionally their knowledge, worth, value and skills in places where that is not commonly expected.

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