Hillary Echo Chamber

November 16, 2016 at 11:14 pm Leave a comment

Last night I confirmed what I have known since the US election season began. I live in an echo chamber of Hillary, died in the wool democrats. We all believed, it would be a tough, ugly election but she would win – cause who would elect that?

I went to dinner last night with fellow Chicagoans living in Melbourne. We were catching up and of course we talked about the election results, next steps for the democratic party and the hatred we are seeing and for some friends at home experiencing.

Our server decided to join the conversation uninvited – a young, Canadian women here on a live-work visa. My mind is so boggled by her comments I am not putting this in order but to the effect of:

“Trump isn’t that bad – the media just makes him look bad.”
“He’s not a racist – they just make him look like that – he doesn’t really believe it.”
“He won’t be that bad and Hillary is just a liar and would have been worse.”
“All politicians are corrupt and all take advantage of women so he’s no better or worse.”

Our responses:
“The people he is surrounding himself hate women, gays, African Americans and will repeal abortion and any other ‘rights’.”
“He says he is going to deport criminal immigrants (ie all of them).”
“Members of his inner circle are members of or support the Klu Klux Klan.” (She said she knew what that was but was unaware of their tactics.)
“You would take a person with no experience in government over an experienced public servant?”
“His comments about and harassment of women are okay with you as a woman?”

THERE WERE NO WORDS! I was ready to strangle her – literally. She would not walk away – continued to talk about “lying Hillary” and he’s a better choice. Once she FINALLY left our table, here was our discussion…..And where the echo chamber comes in.

This was not the first conversation my friends had had with someone about how the media portrayed Trump badly. WHAAT?

…..my Facebook feed was full of Hillary lovers posting great stuff about her, pantsuit nation videos etc and the bad about him with, “Can you believe what he’s saying/promising?” “He won’t get elected.”

Me, my friends, the democratic party and certainly Hillary’s campaign UNDERESTIMATED the viewpoint of his followers and those who chose to vote for him over Hillary. What this server and others had was a POV I had never considered,

The media made him look worse than he is – that’s what the media does. He’s not that bad. And I don’t trust her so I’ll go for him.

OMGosh – and I am avoiding using expletives – these are regular people like you and me – not the typical republican voters or those who chose to vote for hatred.  I believe this server and obviously some US voters think like her and determined the US needed change (again) and “he’s not that bad – it’s the media making him look bad.”

Lemme tell you, the democratic party better wake up. I listened to President Obama’s press conference (see video below) before he left for his last foreign trip – an effort to shore up relations and calm our foreign allies and trading partners- cause he has to – they KNOW what’s happening and don’t believe it’s a media issue!

Anyway as he was speaking about his first campaign and going to places where people didn’t know or like him so they heard from him and not the media. And he offered his thoughts on what he thinks the democratic party should do……

I thought – Hmmm can the President Obama become the leader of the democratic party? We still need more of him or leaders like him to get the party back on track, its’ constituency and American back to the values that put the rights and privileges of all first and foremost.

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