The Philanthropy Table Abroad – Join us in Chicago

Join the Philanthropy Table Abroad on a personal tour with Barbara Talisman, CFRE. She will introduce you to her Chicago network of professionals fundraisers and donors. Are you looking for an opportunity to combine travel with networking and share with  fundraising colleagues? Download PDF of schedule here

First stop (optional)

April 13 (pre conference) – April 17

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Fundraising Conference – New Orleans, Louisiana

International early registration rate $799US plus flight and hotel.

NOLA – The Jazz capital of the United States and location of the largest international fundraising conference in the world. More than 4,000 fundraising professionals, 100+ workshops and network learning. For more info and to register Registration for international attendees is $799US until February 14, 2018.

Make your way to Chicago from Melbourne or NOLA arriving for dinner on the 17th.

April 17-20

Tour of Philanthropy in Chicago – The City that Works through Philanthropy!

$800US including meetings with US fundraising professionals and donors and meals as indicated. Participants are responsible for hotel accommodations, transportation and optional activities.

Tuesday, April 17

Wednesday, April 18

Next Gen Philanthropy Breakfast

Discussion with Chicago Community Trust Young Leaders Fund

This will include Chicago Community Trust staff and donors

Philanthropy Table Lunch

Afternoon on own – Barbara will provide a list of events, places and dining to choose from

Optional Wednesday evening

5:30pm Dinner in Wrigleyville or at Wrigley Field

7:05pm Baseball at iconic Wrigley Field – tickets will need to be booked in advance

Chicago Cubs v. St. Louis Cardinals

Thursday, April 19

Philanthropy Table Breakfast – Staff and Donor Discussion

Lunch & Chicago Tour

12:30pm – Lunch & recap

Afternoon on own

Friday, April 20

Philanthropy Table Breakfast

Meet and greet with Chicago fundraising colleagues

1pm – Depart Chicago

Chicago participants have been confirmed. Schedule and participants are subject to change.

To register, for more information or questions, please contact Barbara Talisman, CFRE Australia iPhone +61 0481 902 380 or US iPhone 312 953 9048. WhatsApp, LinkedIn or FaceTime

Who is your philanthropic tour guide?

With more than 30 years of US fundraising experience, Barbara Talisman, CFRE has consulted and led philanthropy strategies for small and large nonprofit organizations. She is a knowledgeable fundraiser with deep networks within US philanthropic and nonprofit communities. Today, she is proud to be a philanthropic advisor working in Melbourne.

For more than two decades Barbara worked with nonprofit organizations in Chicago as a consultant and lead fundraiser. This trip will introduce you to the best of the best fundraisers in arts, healthcare, university and community fundraising – you pick. You’ll also have time to enjoy and explore Chicago in the Spring. Barbara has arranged some optional tours or can recommend some fun places to explore. You can read more about Barbara on her blog Talisman Thinking Out Loud.

Fundraising leaders and their teams at the organizations listed in the itinerary are looking forward to sharing with you their philanthropic strategy, successes and challenges. Where possible and schedules allow, they have been asked to invite a donor and program staff to join the discussion. They will share how they work together to raise philanthropic dollars to support their mission and programs. Time for a tour of their facilities has been included. Each tour participant selects one group to meet with each day. You may select to meet with those working in your sector or another.

Giving in Chicago

  • Chicagoans give to charity at a higher rate than the national average.Nearly three-quarters (73%) of households in the Chicago metro area donated to nonprofit organizations in 2013.
  • Chicagoans are motivated to help those in need. Most Chicago-area donor households (76%) said “helping individuals meet their basic needs” was their top motivation for giving, followed by “feeling that those who have more should help those who have less” (70%) and “personal values or beliefs”
  • Chicagoans give their time as well as their money.Approximately half (49%) of area households volunteered in 2013, and among those, about half (47%) volunteered once a week or more.
  • Most of Chicagoans’ giving helps people close to home.A large majority—78%—of charitable dollars donated by Chicago metro area households stayed within the region in 2013.

City of Chicago – Chicago is home to…

  • 237 square miles of land
  • An estimated 2,695,598 residents
  • Dozens of cultural institutions, historical sites and museums
  • More than 200 theaters
  • Nearly 200 art galleries
  • More than 7,300 restaurants
  • 77 community areas containing more than 100 neighborhoods
  • 26 miles of lakefront
  • 15 miles of bathing beaches
  • 36 annual parades
  • 19 miles of lakefront bicycle paths
  • 552 parks
  • United States President Barack Obama

To register, for more information or questions, please contact Barbara Talisman, CFRE Australia iPhone +61 0481 902 380 or US iPhone 312 953 9048. WhatsApp, LinkedIn or FaceTime

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