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Donor Stewardship – What’s Old is New Again

Old school donor stewardship activities keep popping up. We need to recalibrate our stewardship plans, integrate our donor outreach activities and truly engage with our donors!

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Robbie Q. Telfer – Storytelling for Nonprofits

Thanks to Robbie Telfer, creator of The Encyclopedia Show and Louder than a Bomb teen poetry slam for sharing his thoughts on storytelling. We had a great conversation on Making a Difference radio. You can listen to our 20 minute conversation packed with great ideas here. I agree with Robbie when he says nonprofits host a lot of boring events. His suggestion: tell your story in a different way to really engage your audience. Here are some ideas Robbie and I thought you might like to use.

  • Use difference voices to tell your story, different points of view
  • Use different mediums – video, voice, poetry, theater
  • Ask a question, or give an assignment and ask everyone to write, share their response – post them live
  • Truly engage your audience in the issue
  • Have a call to action at the event that will encourage, empower, engage guests in community action after the event
  • Use a good cop, bad cop duet – MC to keep the evening moving and someone designated to tell the fundraising story and how and why the organization uses money raised

The Encyclopedia Show
The Encyclopedia Show, in its third season, is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists and experts from many disciplines to use their individual talents to present a different verbal encyclopedia entry each month. The Encyclopedia Show endeavors to build an age-integrated community cultivating accidental knowledge and irreverent lovingkindness. View their schedule of performances here. Next show:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 – 7:30pm
The Vittum Theatre – 1012 N. Noble Street – Chicago
Tickets at the door.  $8 Adults, $5 Students.

Louder Than a Bomb – Teen Poetry Slam
Documentary featured at the Chicago International Film Festival

Michael Phillips’ recommendation for Monday, October 18 at the Chicago International Film Festival.

“Louder Than a Bomb” ✭✭✭½ (U.S., directed by Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel). A genuinely stirring hometown chronicle. This propulsive documentary by Jacobs and Siskel (nephew of Gene, the longtime Tribune film critic) follows a familiar competitive framework, as four teams representing four very different area high schools compete in the annual “Louder Than a Bomb” teen poetry slam. The filmmakers take just enough time to heighten the personal stories of a few key talents, among them the spectacularly gifted Nova Venerable from Oak Park/River Forest High School, whose poetry cuts like a knife; Nate Marshall, a spoken-word guru from Whitney Young High School; and Adam Gottlieb, the wizard of Northside College Prep, dealing with poetry itself and his Jewish heritage. As these and other writer/performers collaborate with their colleagues, mentors and notebooks en route to the competition, “Louder Than a Bomb” becomes an ode to Chicago’s diverse voices. Irresistible.

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Q & A: Nonprofit Board Fundraising

I was pleased to facilitate a webcast on getting your Board fundraising. There were great folks participating and some questions I thought I would share. Perhaps you have these same questions or others? Links to resources and podcast are included in the post!

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Congo Helping Hands – Fundraising to Build Schools in the Congo

Congo Helping Hands is committed to building schools from recycled vinyl billboards! Congo Helping Hands is committed to ending poverty through their commitment to education.

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Upwardly Global – Finding Great Work for Highly Skilled Immigrants

Jane Leu started Upwardly Global in 2000. She was frustrated placing skilled immigrants in low-skill jobs. . The organization continues to grow its partnerships with corporations and social investors who recognize the need to harness the potential of underutilized foreign-born professionals.

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The Cara Program

On Making a Difference radio, I had the great pleasure to talk with Jesse and Elbert from the Cara Program! They really make a difference everyday to those facing homelessness, poverty, un and underemployment. Read about Cara, watch the video and listen to the podcast!

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OCEANA – A Response to the Deepwater Drilling Disaster

Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Their offices in North America, Central America, South America and Europe work together on a limited number of strategic, directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help return our oceans to former levels of abundance. They believe in the importance of science in identifying problems and solutions. Their scientists work closely with our teams of economists, lawyers and advocates to achieve tangible results for the oceans.

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Partners for Progress – Equine Therapy for People with Disabilities

Partners for Progress is a nonprofit organization that provides unique equine therapy-based programs for individuals with disabilities. They utilize trained volunteers, quality certified and/or licensed staff and equine superstars to assist in the physical, mental, emotional and social development of their clients, making their organization a premier, goal oriented, equine therapy facility.

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