An Open Letter to Managers of Women by Jason Shen

Despite this woman’s outstanding contributions, you haven’t promoted her or given her a raise. It’s not fair and you know it.

Maybe you think she has to wait her turn, or brush up on her soft skills and work better with others, or that she simply needs more experience. But all of those things also applied to the many talented men who have rapidly advanced through the ranks of your organisation. They had somehow not been beholden to the same constraints of “promotions are given every three years” or “but what if so-and-so gets upset that they didn’t get a raise too?”

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More than Managing Up

If young men are formed from a young age to be a part of a network of leaders, how do women fit or break into this “club” – socially or professionally? Boys/men deeply ingrained sense of leadership, ownership, privilege, power, abilities that must and will lead to success – let’s face it, anyone who has formed a strong, deep network of friends (who then become colleagues) and have been comfortable with each other since the age of 14 – that’s a tough circle to break.

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Pants as Optional

My friend Amy Wolfe has a gorgeous little girl. On a recent Facebook post she mentioned Miss E was going through “pants as optional” phase. My mind immediately went to Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. Something about pants and women has been on my mind. The campaign to elect Hillary Clinton is on my mind for sure.

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Renaming the Nonprofit Sector

I have written on this before and was going to again when I found Nick Small’s post at NonprofitHub – 3 Reasons Why I Hate the Nonprofit Sector. Well hate is strong work Nick, and in my read it was really about how we act as nonprofit professionals and organisations as well as how others view us. Here is Nick’s POV.

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Fundraising Permission

I asked him for some advice on donor outreach – and I think it applies to a donor call centre or meeting a new donor. May I say, Clay ran one of the most successful donor call centres in fundraising. So there!

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Fundraising Identity

Donor Centred always and in all ways:
My role as a fundraiser is to be a catalyst that empowers donors to invest in their passions. My identity is to put forward a professional and approachable attitude that allows a donor to share their story, commitment and philanthropic strategy so I can connect them to a project that helps them make a difference.

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Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell

I am a podcast geek and proud of it. This American Life took one of their segments and dedicated it to Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast Revisionist History. All I can say – LISTEN UP PEOPLE! As a fundraiser and nonprofit professional he makes me ask myself and my donors great/different questions.

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