I used to be a weekly road warrior. Lots of my friends still are. And while I am not on the road like I used to be – just getting out of Australia gives “road trip” a whole new definition.

As a reformed road warrior and now Australia based traveler, what I know for sure is…home is wherever you happen to be. Having recently returned from my first trip back to the US since leaving in January 2016 – home is wherever your heart and people are.

It was great to visit with friends and we all picked up where we left off. Facebook, texts and phone calls have a lot to do with how connected we still are. But the cities – Chicago and Washington DC are just that – cities. Sure I lived in those places, but it is the people who make the place.

And that is the reason I am glad to be home in Melbourne. Until I sat on my fifth airplane in 2 weeks on the ride back to Melbourne, I had not realized how much I was missing Melbourne and my people.

Like any traveler, I was glad to be back in my home, my own bed and accepted fully the hugs and greetings of my Melbourne people.

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