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A Year Later – September 26

Who knew a fundraiser with a couple decades of experience would be recruited to live in and work in Australia? I have always been a “leap and the net will appear” sort of person. While some thought I was crazy to contemplate let alone actually do it, this was not my first overseas rodeo.

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As a reformed road warrior and now Australia based traveler, what I know for sure is…home is wherever you happen to be. Having recently returned from my first trip back to the US since leaving in January 2016 – home is wherever your heart and people are.

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Hello USA

You know they say you can never go home again? Well that is true and false depending on how to define “home”.

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Wave of Immigration

You may know I am less than a year into my expat life of an American citizen living and working in Australia. If we know there has been a wave of refugee movement like we’ve never seen before – I believe, after this US election, there will be a second big wave of people moving from country to country – legally and illegally.

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Moving Away from “Home”

I truly believe “home” is wherever you are. I traveled a lot for work and pleasure in my career – every hotel room was “home” at the end of the day.

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I Moved to Melbourne….Australia!

I moved to Melbourne Australia! So excited for a new city, climate and job!

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Virtual Reality Cultivation and Fundraising

Ok so you gamers are way ahead of me – but this is an amazing opportunity to see shoes delivered, staff and children interacting and the place in which Toms (and your purchase) is making a difference. It is a great way of showing off our nonprofit missions! You and your donors will be there. And you better believe organizations are already using it…..Charity Water leading the way (again).

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Melbourne 2015

I have had a long distance love affair with Australia since my Junior Year Abroad. I am fortunate to have visited many times. I just returned from a great trip to Melbourne and the city did not disappoint.

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Dear Seattle

Dear Seattle,
Once again, you gave me a wonderful visit! The rain stopped, skies cleared and lo and behold there were the Olympic Mountains (yes! I saw them). Elliott Bay was gorgeous as blue as the sky.

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Visiting Chicago for the AFP International Fundraising Conference?

Touristy stuff and great eats in Chicago! Come for the conference enjoy the city!

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