Lights of LA

So LA has not been on my list of cities to revisit and last time I was there for the Emmy’s a couple years ago. Despite the weather, I could only think of past trips to or through LA on my way to Australia – the smog, bad traffic, transferring in a mass of people at LAX, the Hollywood scene of people living a not so real life. But landing in LA last week, seeing lights stretching forever is a beautiful sight. There was no smog, traffic was not bad and all the people I met were wonderful.

My work requires travel, which I like. And I have decided to love wherever I am. The work I am doing with our clients is important and I am glad to be with them doing it – wherever they may be.

So back to LA. I was fortunate to be there for a couple days when California weather was typically perfect – 74F, clear skies, dry. The mountains, not hills, looked liked you could reach out and touch them. The sun shining on the snow way at the top, as if Mother Nature was shining a spot light at the top of the black, brown mountain saying, “See what I created? Appreciate it.”

Now I need to be geographically honest here. Los Angeles metro is BIG. And I left LAX for Claremont – known as part of the Inland Empire about 45 miles northeast of LA. But that works for me. To walk the streets of Claremont was a treat. Yes, I know walking in LA okay Claremont. The neighborhood is wonderful, full of parks, schools, boutiques, beautiful homes – original, unique homes not cookie cutter housing divisions. No gated communities that I found.

Then there’s the flora and fauna of California. Palm trees, jasmine bushes, mature orange and avocado trees with fruit ready to eat. (Didn’t pick any.) Gardens of rock and scrub that looked like an avalanche of rock had fallen down a mountain stopped around the home – low maintenance but looked so right with the house on the corner. (Sorry I didn’t take pics but will be back!)

I highly recommend a walk in a neighborhood of LA if you visit. Breathe the fresh air, enjoy the rays and warmth, clear your head. I intend to when I visit again. Enjoy wherever you are. Find something to appreciate. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet. Make travel for whatever reason, business or pleasure more enjoyable. Bon Voyage.

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