The Hills of West Virginia

Last week I fell in love with the hills of West Virginia. I am told they are even more beautiful in the Spring and Fall but there is something about the Capitol’s golden dome against the black hills. And the frozen waterfalls dripping from a hillside. The strata of shale in shades of black and grey are beautiful.

Charleston, West Virginia also has the Kanawha River running through it. Rivers in cities mean bridges and Charleston has a couple. They are major thoroughfares as part of roads and highways bringing people from east to west.

And the people of Charleston are terrific. They bring Midwest common sense and sense of humor with wonderful southern charm. Kind and thoughtful people, many whom I met were born and raised in Charleston and are darn proud of their city – for good reason (please see above).

It is wonderful to look at those rolling hills and know they are a part of the beauty, economy and tourism in Charleston and West Virginia. I realized how flat, literally, my geography is in Chicago. And why folks who visit mention it. I didn’t know what they were talking about! I mean I know other places have hills, but hadn’t thought of hills IN A CITY. Charleston has great people, hills, bridges, a river! What else could you want?

Despite an airport cut out on top of a mountain (um, yeah – you have to land, stop and take off just right or else), I am looking forward to my trips to Charleston – watching the changing seasons on hills of West Virginia and meeting more great people.

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