Hello USA

6e69d683-a13f-40a9-ba40-ba7e1ef0ae84.jpgSo after leaving the US for Melbourne in January 2016 – I finally booked a trip back.

You know they say you can never go home again? Well that is true and false depending on how to define “home”.

My definition includes all the people who make any city a home. There was nothing to site see for me. I was in LA, drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and then flew to Washington DC and Chicago – both of which had been home for some time.

Besides the drive up the PCH and attending the Association of Fundraising Professionals annual conference (more on that in another post) – connecting with my US friends was the purpose of the trip. The best part was being able to see and hold them. We continued conversations and started new ones. At the same time I sort of felt like I hadn’t been gone long because we are connected on Facebook, by phone and text. The world is indeed smaller for all the social media and nothing a 20+ hour plane ride can’t fix.

I have more selfies with friends than I have taken in my lifetime. Those photos will provide memories for a long time. And for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful to be home in Melbourne.

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