Since January 20 2017

Karma can bite you back. May I suggest Calm in the City – a worldwide effort to bring peace back as part of UN International Peace Day – 21 September wherever you are.

Let me recap since January 20:

  • Open season on people and animals:
    • DACA out
    • DAPL in
    • Black lives don’t seem to matter
    • Animal hunting, nature reserves opened
    • Refugees and immigrants not welcome
  • Sexual harassment is ok
  • There is no global warming – just bad karma and Mother Nature is pissed
    • Harvey, Irma and Jose three massive hurricanes in 10 days
    • Earthquake on Mexico’s west coast and hurricane and tsunami on the east coast
    • Flooding in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal impacted 40,000,000 people
    • Mudslide in Sierra Leone
  • Close elections in UK, France, Norway – the world is tilting dangerously to the far right
  • Equifax hack of 140,000,000 Americans
  • Brexit
  • Nuclear capabilities in the hands of North Korea

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