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#Gratitude Circa 2017

2017 is starting off with a bang. December 22 I started a vacation that took me to Bangkok cooking classes, resting at the beach in Hua Hun, New Year’s Eve overlooking Antarctica and a foodie and museum tour of Singapore. I am grateful to Wendy Ong and Sanjeev Jayasinghe – fellow fundraisers and CASE Institute alumni – who moved part of my Thailand experience to the beach and for hosting me. I am grateful to be able to take a travel vacation. I’ve got a great life that has led exactly to where I should be in 2017.

Gratitude will be my theme. Enough with the “first world problem” complaints. Wendy and I talked about a Campaign of Attitudes at work and home. Our positive attitudes will shine on our colleagues and be reflected back. We have chosen not to go down the negative path or be drawn into challenges without solutions – immediate and thoughtfully. We’re calling it a Campaign of Attitudes and we will be leading by example. 

Then on day one of 2017 Chris Brogan and Seth Godin posts appeared in my inbox at the same time. Their posts always show up when I need them most. Their timing is impeccable and I’m grateful for that.

Seth talked about choice – 

Attitude is the most important choice any of us make.

  Chris reprises his “My 3 Words” exercise. 

Choose 3 words we can use to guide us forward to more success in the coming year.

I am grateful for the simplicity and ease of their suggestions and counsel. Less complication is good. 

I am working on my 3 words and attitude. If I feel my choices and attitude can inspire or assist you, I’ll share them here and on my social media accounts. 

For now I’d like to say thank you for reading and sharing my posts and wish you all you want in 2017 – knowing you can make it so if you choose. 

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Chris Brogan AFA & OODA Loop

We have all been writing, posting and sharing in the wake of Hillary’s loss. I just received this email from Chris Brogan and he always shares some great advice and resources.

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Lust & Love List

listI have been building this list for a little while and decided to share their inspiration. People make my Lust & Love list because they:

  • Make me think – great brain sex
  • Have a distinct POV and not afraid to share it
  • Inspire creativity and/or make laugh, feel good

This is a list in no particular order – cause I can’t show preference.

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Fundraising v Sales Tools

Recently, I have sought out professional development beyond fundraising – but still aligned. I’d like to recommend some resources that are making me think and re-think fundraising strategy, relationship marketing, donor engagement and how I participate/network in the community.

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Nonprofits and Social Media Contests

Chris Brogan’s post on nonprofits engaging in social media contests, like Pepsi Refresh and Chase Community Giving is worth the read. I ask, Are these online corporate contests an effective way to do raise money? Should they be a part of our development or social media plans?

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To Be a Great Fundraiser – Thanks Douglas Lawson

Continuing on my thoughts about being a great fundraiser, I was inspired today by an icon in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Douglas M. Lawson, Founding Chairman of Lawson Associates, Inc. I had the great, good fortune to hear Dr. Lawson speak about the art of being a great fundraiser.

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Nonprofit Fundraising = Confidence and Conviction

Fundraisers are leaders. We need to share our confidence and conviction with others to be successful personally and professionally. Be the best fundraiser you can be….your work is important to you, your organization and community.

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