Random Moment of Goodness

I had a wonderful time listening to Stars of the Lyric Opera at Millennium Park. Met friends, we all brought food and wine and sat on blankets listening to the best share their voices with us.

I think it is great listening to opera outside – the notes are clear and float up toward the sky….

And it was a beautiful evening in every way.

But it got better. Sure the lawn was full, but when I got up to leave and climbed over all the folks on the blankets…there were more people six deep standing around the lawn.

People of every shape and color, every age and in any attire that made them comfortable or just after work clothing. People were hanging on the concrete wall, walking toward the music, listening and letting the music go over them.

It was so wonderful seeing and being with everyone enjoying a free concert, in the middle of downtown Chicago. Everything good seemed possible – peace, love, happiness. The music washed over all of us and for a moment, we could forget any bad stuff. Whatever that may have been for anyone – being with all those strangers enjoying the same wonderful music, outside, on a beautiful night.

In our world, we should all share more music, free outdoor concerts – sharing random moments of goodness.

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