Using Social Media Effectively – A Video Interview

I was interviewed by Wanda Whitson, member of IABC Chicago, prior to my presentation on Engaging in Social Media. We talked social media policy, whose in charge of social media, how do you control it and what are a few tips to make it manageable. My presentation and other social media materials, please click here. (Can I just say I hate myself on film of any kind, photos, digital or video?!)

I want to thank Tom Keefe @commakazi who managed the video interview prior to my presentation for the International Association of Business Communicators Chicago. I also would like to thank Cathy Taylor @CYTaylor who took and posted my very first flip video during TweetCamp and encouraged me to do more.

4 thoughts on “Using Social Media Effectively – A Video Interview

  1. Great presentation stressing all non-profit organizations need to incorporate social media in their marketing/public relations campaigns and overall strategic planning.

  2. Kudo’s to Barbara Talisman for constantly being in the forefront of social media and the value it brings to non-profits especially. The response to the opening question re: a controlling executive leadership’s reluctance to enable employees to participate in social media was spot on. A little understanding of how social media can advance a company’s mission will go a long way to alleviating fear of this communications platform.

    And I wholeheartedly agree that the social media campaign cannot be a standalone in a company or organization. It must be part of the overall communications and marketing strategy if it is to be successful. Ford Motor Co is a great example of how this approach is working well.

    Congrats Barbara! You look great!

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