Social Media According to Justin G. Roy

Justin G. Roy is my personal social media guru (and great friend).  Now you can access his info along with everyone at Nichols College where he is Director of Social Media – a first at the College. In 90 days he has accomplished amazing social media magic. From coordinating the College FaceBook fan page and groups to @Nichols_College . He is also creating the first in a series of courses on social media – starting with Technology and Marketing Basics of Social Media.

I was honored to talk with him on Making a Difference radio program. We talked all things social media and his tips included:

  • Social media is a give and take. You have to post, respond and forward info. Pushing or selling yourself or services is not effective.
  • Who are you on Google? – Research yourself. Check out your name. What comes up? Is there content you can work with or need to fix? Is your professional or personal brand represented correctly?
  • Your LinkedIn profile should be current and SEO ready. Be sure your profile includes key words that describe your professional experience and/or the work you want to do.
  • Set your Facebook privacy settings!
  • Successful bloggers write a minimum of three posts a week to get some good traction. 500 words is the sweet spot. Write well and concisely.
  • Think virtual, online customer service. Know your audience. What social media are they using? Ask them. Write, post and respond according to your audience needs and wants.
  • Use the apps and tools that make managing social media easier.

To learn more from Justin you can follow him on Twitter @JustinGRoy and listen to our conversation on the radio!

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