Podcasting 101 from #10NTC

@chadnorman (Blackbaud) and @coreypud (Convio) did a great job of walking us through recording and editing a podcast using Audacity and Lame.

You can listen to the podcast Richard Wollenberger from Parents as Teachers here.

If you are not creating podcasts on BlogTalkRadio like I am, you can record and edit at will using Audacity.  It is very user friendly.

NOTE:…record, edit and play with a file you don’t care about…edit away to learn how to use it. Save as you go as it can crash and you can lose all your hard work.

Use Lame as a free encoder to convert your file to a listener friendly mp3. In Audacity you save as, mp3 and Lame takes over. NOTE: Remember where you save the file!

FYI – an hour of recording  = 10 minutes of good podcast

Use Blastcasta to post your podcast to a feed on your website so people can listen in! Archive is a  (free) place to save your podcasts. For a little more money Lybsyn is $5 per month to host podcasts and RSS feeds.

Chad and Corey have posted information on podcasting and other great stuff:

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We Are Media

One thought on “Podcasting 101 from #10NTC

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the blog post and I’m glad you found the session helpful. Small correction, I actually work for Convio. The podcast that I produce, 501c3Cast is not affiliated with 501c3 Consulting.

    Thanks, Corey

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