Videocasting 101 from #10NTC

Blogging from NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference. If you aren’t able to log-in and learn, I am tweeting and Cinchcasting from the conference and posting information from workshops I attend.

Stacy from See3 Communications did a great job of taking us through planning and pre-production for your organization or personal videos. You can review her PowerPoint here. Let me summarize.


  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the timeframe/budget?
  • How will you measure success?
  • Who will shoot and edit?
  • How will you share the finished product?

Preparing for Production

  • Production schedule
  • Determine format – HD, Beta etc.
  • Get familiar with gear (practice and review)
  • Scout locations and plan
  • Prepare interview questions/script
  • Review any pre-existing media

Before You Press Record in an Interview

  • Interviews with leadership, guests ahead of time
  • B-roll – background video – helps tell the story visually
  • Check location lighting and sound issues
  • Educate interview subject – line of sight, off camera, questions and complete answers
  • Find your frame – off set from center – divide into thirds
  • Medium close up – general answers
  • Close up – emotional answers brings viewer in
  • Set white balance, focus and iris (light level on face)
  • Check audio levels, record AND playback test
  • Place interviewer CLOSE to camera – shoot from over interviewers shoulder so guest looks at interviewer/camera
  • Run 15 sec of black or color bars at beginning of tape so you don’t miss beginning of recording
  • Process environment, B-roll
  • Pick the right microphone

Workflow and Process

  • Import and organize on a flash drive and back up (alot and always)
  • Render our clips for transcript as needed
  • Paper edit – from hard copy transcript (great intern work)
  • String out
  • Rough cut – look at sequences
  • Fine cut – smoothing placing B-roll, music (Royalty free music)
  • Final cut
  • Build a story line


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