Pursuing Happiness and Krista Tippett on Being

While I don’t consider myself a religious person, I do consider myself spiritual. I LOVE listening to Krista Tippett on Being on National Public Radio. From the website: “On Being is a spacious conversation — and an evolving media space — about the big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit.” I listen via podcast when walking the dog, commuting, flying. I want to share two of the latest podcasts I listened to. All the programs make me think. These made me think deeply about happiness and education.

Pursuing Happiness with the Dalai Lama – This is not a joke, but what do you get when you ask His Holiness the Dalai Lama, an Episcopal Priest, Muslim scholar and a Rabbi about happiness? You get an AMAZING conversation about what is happiness, how do you find it, or let it find you? This was an invigorating and unpredictable public conversation on happiness, exploring the themes of suffering, beauty, and the nature of the body. My favorite line paraphrased from Rabbi Sacks, “Sometimes we don’t pursue happiness, we have to stop and wait for happiness to catch up to us….we call that the Sabbath.” (Insert laughter here.) This discussion was deep but light and I so enjoyed these great, religious thinkers share their ideas with wonderful humor. At one point Krista asked His Holiness the Dalai Lama about outer body experiences and he replied, a paraphrase again, “There is no outer body experience if you remove the brain from the body!” FABULOUS! You can listen, download or subscribe to the podcast here.

And if that wasn’t good enough, another program explored the new science of learning with Adele Diamond. In Learning, Doing, Being, Krista and Adele discuss how children learn, what role we have in training the brain and how to teach and learn more effectively. What Adele Diamond is learning about the brain challenges basic assumptions in modern education. Her work is scientifically illustrating the educational power of things like play, sports, music, memorization and reflection. What nourishes the human spirit, the whole person, it turns out, also hones our minds. As a child of a teacher, I found the whole conversation fascinating, not only for children but how I can facilitate workshops and learning opportunities for adults. I encourage you to listen to the podcast when you have time.

Please share your thoughts and these podcasts with your friends, family and colleagues.

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