Baby Boomers Giving Back [via AARP]

Yes! I am proud to say I am a member of AARP. At 50 it’s a great resource and my plane reading this week revealed some interesting information on how the Boomers are giving back. The cover story in the January/February 2011 AARP Bulletin was Boomers Get Their Groove Back.

Boomers are:

  • Redefining volunteering, retirement and second careers
  • Large and diverse group
  • Expected to live to 83
  • Causing nonprofits to change the way they operate to appeal to more boomers
  • The healthiest, best-educated generation to transition from middle age to retirement
  • Starting second careers in “retirement”

There are organizations who have organized around engaging Boomers in service:

Civic Ventures
Senior Corps, a program of the federal Corporation for National and Community Service
Coming of Age – Used to be called the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) but it turned off boomers!

Have you thought about how you engage Boomers? Are you communicating effectively? Offering volunteer opportunities that allow them to use their skills and experience? They digital users, want to share their ideas and skills and make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Baby Boomers Giving Back [via AARP]

  1. You are right, Barbara. The baby boomers are ripe and ready for the nonprofit sector!

    I’m so glad the conversation has changed about boomers and nonprofits. Previously, we just obsessed about the “leadership crisis” because of boomer retirement.

    Now, we are focusing on the opportunities provided by boomer retirement! Thank goodness.

    I recently wrote a blog post about boomer volunteerism, too:

    Best, Jessica

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