50+ Years and Counting

This is not a shameless plug for birthday wishes. But as I read Facebook posts from friends and snail mail cards a couple thoughts came to mind.

I look forward to the decades ahead. Because I believe there is no other choice. Age is a state of mind and I am very happy with my state of mind. Some of you may disagree. πŸ™‚

In 50+ years this is first year I remember without a birthday blizzard. My years of celebrating are a testament to global warming is nothing else!

Starbucks is celebrating 40 today as well. Hmmmm wonder if I can get two birthday freebies for that?

March 8 has long been International Women’s Day and I am honored to share the day!

A sad but true fact if aging, well at least for me, is a slowing metabolism. And if that is my only issue I am grateful. But birthday breakfast means a big smoothie with a couple added treats not on the usual eating regimen. Living it up eh?

Those that know me, know I enjoy the social media environment. A couple years ago I wrote about waking up to electronic greetings I received via text, Facebook and email. I think it’s terrific. Real time and much appreciated. So there is great value to using the medium to reach out and let someone know you care.

Thanks to all who wished me well. Right back at ya!

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