Brave Commitments

Yes, I admit it. I read O Magazine and Martha Beck. I always get something from Martha and the May issue is no exception. Thank you Martha.

So here she talking about making “brave commitments”. I think as nonprofit professionals and fundraisers we have to do this and commit to it daily. From Martha:

Vow never to deliberately create suffering for yourself or others. Any nonprofit professional must believe this. It is this passion and commitment that keeps us moving our work forward and empowering others to do the same.
Always own your mistakes and do your best to correct them. I know every nonprofit pro or fundraiser never makes a mistake. Hahaha! But in case we do, I have always been a fan of the mea culpa. It shows leadership, humility and ability to problem solve. Fixing a mistake of your own or someone else’s wins many points in the favor bank of life – personally and professionally.
Forgive yourself when your best isn’t good enough. Our passion for our work in the independent sector is dedicated to serving others. We always give our best and sometimes we fall short. But we have to remember trying counts – it counts a great deal to those with whom you lead, help and raise money for. My Mom always asked if I did my best. As long as I did my best and felt I had given it my all, it was good enough for her. And that works for me. Today I ask myself, “Am I doing the best I can for my clients and their organizations?” Even when it doesn’t work, we tried, I tried, our best.

Give yourself a break. Make a commitment to yourself. Keep feeding your passion for your work within the nonprofit sector. We need you. Your organization needs you.

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