The Chicago Sun-Times Sunshine Project

Each year, the Chicago Sun-Times Charity Trust awards grants to charities in the Chicago region that support youth in education, art and civic engagement.

This year, the Trust has set up the Sun Shine Project for the greater Chicago community to “shine a light” on worthy charities and select organizations and projects that deserve a grant. The community nominated more than 100 deserving charities during the first phase of the Project. Now it’s time to vote!

Between now and October 9 you can vote once for each nonprofit organization
one vote per nonprofit – but vote for as many as you think deserve a grant! 

Get Started here. Yes you have to register – Yes you have to tell your friends, family and colleagues – Yes you can make a difference by participating and following the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.Vote and comment on the organizations you want to support before Oct 9! Tell them which organization you want to receive a grant and why. The Trust wants to hear back from the community before awarding up to a total of $500,000 in grants! How to vote for a project.
Come on people! You don’t have to live in the Windy City metro area to vote. It’s the easiest and best vote you can place! Please retweet and share with your network. Many thanks!

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