Life with DuPont

Many of you know I became the guardian of a purebred Chinese Shar Pei in October. My first purebred after 20 years and five Pei rescues. “Purchasing” a dog from a breeder is an odd experience – finding the right one (I did not), hearing all the advice (read gossip) from one breeder to another, viewing photos (all adorable as Peibies are) and finally making a decision fraught with misgivings.

But after IMG_1511all that – DuPont the Shar Pei is mine and I love him. It takes a village and without Casey Lee, who loves and cares for him when I travel, I could not have DuPont.

Part of Shar Pei guardianship is multiple trips to vets for various health issues

DuPont August 2014
DuPont August 2014

related to Pei – and why so many are in rescue. August 14 was his second eye lid (entropion) surgery in three months. He is enjoying his drugs and resting comfortably.

But the point of this post is the love of a dog, specifically DuPont and how worth all the time and expense is for what I get back. Coming home to a dog is the best. I lost FeeBee 16 months ago and after nine months could not live without a furry rug on the floor and walking companion.

DuPont has a long way to go to adulthood, but the journey is worth it. Enjoy the pics, I get to every day live. He is a star in the neighborhood and has photos from strangers all over Instagram, Facebook and elsewhere. #dupontdadog I am resisting setting up his own social media feeds…….this will have to do.

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