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High Performing Fundraising Organizations

HPO nonprofit organizations don’t shrink from accountability. Fundraisers who know their work, and more importantly are proud of their abilities and the organizations they represent, stand proud.

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Philanthropy OOO

Can philanthropic leaders take a break from fundraising? Ask your donors to wait till you get back?

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Philanthropic Breather

No matter how much self care you practice (or not) – more than a weekend is required for those of us in philanthropy to recharge.

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Say their names

We can’t afford anymore losses. Oh my God, they’re shooting us down one by one. Don’t forget that. Because they are. Killing us one by one.” Nina Simone, 1968

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Breonna Taylor – Sucker Punch #2

Breonna Taylor was a medical first responder putting her life at risk during a pandemic – thinking she was safe in her own home. Is an person of color in America safe?

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#RBG – Sucker Punch #1

Dear Friends,

On Friday, September 18th, I was trying to ignore my Covid spiral to reset looking forward to the Jewish New Year of 5781. Then my phone starts pinging and NPR announces her death at the age of 87. All of this is old news – it has taken me this long to gather my thoughts and presence of mind.

May her legacy live on so she can Rest In Peace. It is up to us to vote.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg led a life of service. She made the gender equity conversation and law in America happen. She held a view left of center on SCOTUS decisions. She was a beacon of hope to many. She was 87. She died after a long battle with cancer – and I believed she would make it through the elections – she probably hoped she would to.

Why the sucker punch? RBG was 87 and had cancer. But when you’re living in a pandemic – hope is all you have. RBG was hope. Hope the Supreme Court could be held to a higher standard. That calmer, better, more even minds would prevail. The threat to Roe v. Wade, civil rights, equal education and more would, could, should be upheld.

And then hope died.

I was gutted; I walked around my apartment forgetting what I was trying to do; I couldn’t cry. Like many my first thought was every man, woman and child of color in this country is at risk. Our system of values and laws built and changed during my life time would be reversed. America will never be the same.

Then I thought of Rosh Hashanah eve starting soon and her family. As much as you prepare for the death of a loved one who has been ill – it never makes it easier. And death on the eve of one of the Jewish holiest days of the year (or any holiday) makes it harder.

Then I found this from Becki Sameroff Robinson

According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began on September 18, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness. The root of this word – sadiq means justice – a cause for her entire life.  “Baruch Dayan HaEmet”. According to the midrach (Jewish wisdom), only the most righteous people dies on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. It signifies that they were given the full measure of a year. May her memory be a blessing. May we find comfort in these words. Zichrona Livrocho.

This gave me some peace – I wished on her spirit, her family and our country. With some time and thought, I have recovered from this sucker punch. (Unaware another was coming.)

Yom Kippur is marked today – 10 days later – the day of atonement. So we start the New Year free of our misdeeds – having asked for forgiveness, not from the Goddess, but from those we wronged.

We must vote for the change we want to see in America. It is the best salve for the pain her death has caused. Because her legacy is now in our hands. Our biggest misdeed in 5781/2020 will be forgetting #RBG’s great work.

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Fundraiser & Steward

And then there are donor meetings where you just have to say, “ We can find another way.” I had that meeting this week too. Donors always have good intentions. Fundraisers need to be good stewards of their intentions and philanthropy.

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What is a Fundraising SME?

Here’s the bet – Compared to anyone not working in fundraising in your organization -YOU are the SME. You know more and have more experience than they do.

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Do we have to accept that gift?

The largest gift your organization has ever received is on the horizon. Leadership doesn’t want to go through the hassles of convincing the board and others to accept it and provide recognition…….

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Moving Fundraising Forward

Sometimes, we need to have the courage of our convictions to have respectful, but sometimes challenging conversations about fundraising strategy, budget, goals and alignment. Often these discussions occur with our leaders – volunteer and professional – who may or may not have the same personal experience in fundraising that we have.

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