Portfolio Management Version 5.5

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So who doesn’t love a two-fer? Well this blog is 2x the information!

Guest bloggers, Keri Kae Nacin, CFRE (left), Amy Brauner and I solved the issues of portfolio management!

AND then this article in The NonProfit Times was published on Fundraisers Barely Lasting a Year! WHAAAAT? My earlier posts on 18-24 month churn a waste?

Amy, Keri Kae and I have a solution to fundraiser churn focusing on a donor-centered approach.

Are you ready for it?

More than one point of contact (POC) for a donor! Bringing the development TEAM together in service to the donors!

Ta da!

Mind blowing right?  🙂 Side bar: We are sure many readers have thought the same thing or are already implementing this idea! But we’re gonna write about it anyway. Please share your challenges and successes with us!

Let’s start with the concept of open cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. Our idea started with the challenge around what was, until yesterday, the 18-24 month turnover (see previous posts) of fundraising staff. Our question:

How can we keep donors connected to our nonprofit mission through more than one staff person or volunteer leader.

Our solution was multiple contacts within a nonprofit organization. Led by more than one development professional, a donor would have a team of people who are responding to a donor’s questions and proactively reaching out to the donor.

This means everyone at the nonprofit organization is working as a highly functioning team.

A digression on the concept of “team.” One of our pet peeves is a nonprofit professional who refers to a donor, program, volunteer as “mine”. “That’s my donor/volunteer.” “I developed that program, it’s mine.” You get the idea. So for our idea to work – everyone on staff is a relationship manager on a team dedicated to the best interests of a donor, volunteer or program.

When creating a major gifts portfolio the goal is to keep the donor connected to mission:

  • Every donor has a primary and secondary relationship manager from the development team
  • Donor interests are noted in their database record and other relationship managers within the executive, program and stewardship teams are linked as appropriate
  • Responsibility for moves management strategy falls to the lead development staff person assigned to the donor
  • The donor knows they have a team of representatives from the organization interested in them and sharing information and connections
  • Key to open cultivation/solicitation success is open communication. The donor’s team is ccd on emails. Notes are kept current within the donor base. Quick email updates to the team as appropriate. And regular donor team meetings are held to discuss the top 20/30/50 donors to the organization to share and make sure everyone is on the same page.

We are sure some of you have already implemented this idea. Share it with us!

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The Networked Fundraiser Connecting through Great Communication

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