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Fundraising v Fundcatching – Five Suggestions

There is a difference, you know? Although there are nonprofit organizations and professional fundraisers who measure their success by how much they raise not by how they raised it.

Let’s change semantics here – how about proactive v reactive fundraising. Many nonprofit organizations are very fortunate to have a regular stream of donations, large and small, sent to them.

Donor acquisition campaigns via direct mail and online giving provide a stream of new, one time donations and work fairly well for charities with a good brand. But even those result in 1-2% return rate against a high cost.  The cost gets higher for these campaigns when nonprofits try to “convert” these donors into monthly (regular) donors or repeat donors. Results are mixed at best and require more money and human resources.


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Portfolio Management Version 5.5

Let’s start with the concept of open cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. Our idea started with the challenge around what was, until yesterday, the 18-24 month turnover of fundraising staff. Our question:

How can we keep donors connected to our nonprofit mission through more than one staff person or volunteer leader.

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Showing Love and Loyalty to a Donor

Frank didn’t do anything different for this donor than he would for anyone. He was just acting within his own character. He showed love, concern, care and loyalty to this donor, just like he did with his own friends.

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Net Worth = Size of a Major Gift?

So what does a donor or prospects net worth tell you about how large a major gift they can make? My quick answer to this question – absolutely nothing!

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Fundraising Road Show

So have you given any thought to doing a Fundraising Road Show? We know need to talk to our donors and prospects more. We need to hone the message we want to share. When you want money ask for advice. When was the last time you sat down one-on-one or in small groups with your donors or prospects? I mean outside of campaign feasibility study?

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The Inner-Fundraiser

EVERYONE at a nonprofit agency is a fundraiser. We need to bring out the inner-fundraiser in everyone: staff, Board, donors and volunteers. Cultivation and fundraising events can require a bit of social finesse and skill.

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Reaching Donors at the Base of the Fundraising Pyramid

This post talks about how we can reach out to our donors at the base of our fundraising pyramid.

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