Word of Mouth Marketing

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andy-sernovitzMeet Andy Sernovitz! He KNOWS how to utilize the new media, 0ld fashioned word of mouth and events to make your organization or brand stand out from the crowd!

 Click here for more inform on Andy.

How about the Five T’s of Word of Mouth Marketing? Click here to download. For successful WOMM you will need:

  • Talkers
  • Topics
  • Tools
  • Taking Part
  • Tracking

Andy’s book
Word of Mouth Marketing:
How Smart Companies Get People Talking

The book is a practical, hands-on guide to getting people to talk about your company, your cause, and your stuff.

His company , Gas Pedal, offers consulting, workshops and information on implementing WOMM across all platforms. 

His tweets are very useful as well! You can follow him at Twitter.

His premise is, why pay for traditional marketing if you can FULLY implement social media, internet and customer happiness and word of mouth to get your message, product or service to market.

So tell me! Is this useful? Are you using WOMM already? How?  Tweet me! And leave a comment, tell your friends!

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