Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur!

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The Association of Fundraising Professionals Fundraising Conference mmag00447_00001moved into the 21st century highlighting younger speakers who know and use social media like we used to use the phone! A few ideas from the conference you can use today! NOT TOMORROW TODAY! We can’t afford to wait any longer.

Everyone is blogging and talking about Web 2.5…I think the combo of Web 2.5 and traditional word of mouth (real or via the web) will raise awareness.

How to do this effectively is the Holy Grail of every non and for-profit organization. Here are some ideas and more to come in future posts. 

This can be applied universally to non and for-profit organizations.
A few easy examples:

  • You have to have stories to tell, compelling, passionate stories.
  • Ask people to DO something – Call to Action!
  • Develop connections BETWEEN your peeps.
  • Your website needs to include share opportunities so visitors can immediately send information to friends.
  • Use all platforms, FaceBook, Twitter, your website, blog,  and connect them.
  • Be a RAT – Real Authentic Transparent – your readers/followers will appreciate it.
  • Twitter about your work, volunteers and ask them to follow you.

Was this useful? Let me know. Send a comment, tweet or email! Show me your Web 2.5 answers and share them with others, I will.

Many thanks to James Collier of Paprika Studios and Scott Henderson and Mitch Maxson from Media Sauce! And of course my own guruess of social media Sandy Rees!

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