Be a RAT!

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Want to make an electronic impression?


Real & Realistic

Authenticity rules the social media. Be honest with your audience. Tell a good story! Realize Web 2.5 is not the end all and be all, set realistic expectations.


Honesty is always the best policy. Be true to yourself and your audience.


No secrets, no surprises, what’s your plan for the future? Donors (your audience) are investing in your organization.

And a couple others to keep in mind when communicating via your social networks. Not so different than when we communicate with our constituencies now. 


If you won’t bleed for it, who will? Anticipate criticism, plan ahead.


Think outside the template! Stand apart from the noise. Think and innovate a new model for your organization. Samo samo doesn’t work!


Social network is all about SOCIAL – the PEOPLE!  Leverage relationships. Write for your audience not you. Get it right and breakthroughs and ideas will spread.

Does this ring true for you? Have questions? Call, write or Tweet Barbara. Make a comment!  Pass this information along to others!    312.733.7520  Twitter

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