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Nonprofit Technology 2012

The Chronicle of Philanthropy 2012 Technology Guide has some great information in it.

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Infogram Organigrams – Visual Data for Storytelling

In the March 8 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy the front page article on visualizing data got my attention. I have to say – how well we share our story has always been at the heart of fundraising success. Telling our story using graphics is a GREAT idea! Not that we weren’t doing it before – but the graphics were photos and I will agree really boring pie and bar charts.

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Facebook Engagement – A Lesson from Detroit Symphony Orchestra

In negotiations with their orchestra members, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page has taken on a life of its own. Fans are leaving their opinions and comments about the administration and the negotiations. A “Save our Symphony” campaign has started. What can we learn from this?

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NTEN, NTC and Holly Ross – Oh my!

This week, I was honored to interview Holly Ross, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) on Making a Difference radio.

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Nonprofits – Is Less More on Social Media?

I realize many nonprofits are grappling with the how and who of social media. There are issues around time, how much is enough, too much, a waste of time? Who should “control” it, fundraising, program or marketing? What is the content we want to share?
Here’s the thing….social media is all about relationships.

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Social Media Free Agents – Crashing into Nonprofit Walls

What’s a free agent? They are volunteers in your network (or maybe outside who found you). Free agents are passionate about your work, issues and want to make a difference.

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Network Weaving – Story Telling – Crowdsourcing – Oh My!

We can use social media, storytelling, the media to grow effective networks. These activities work best when we are collaborating and building networks/relationships using old and new tools. I know the control freak attitude still remains at many nonprofits. We can and must engage with our constituencies to be successful in sharing our message, meeting community challenges and making social change.

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Social Media Peeps – Who are they? How to Find Out – Part 2

To continue the Q&A with Justin G. Roy, Director of Social Media at Nichols College in Dudley, MA. In this post he goes beyond Twitter to talk about how a person represents themselves on the web and what it tells you about them.

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People Give to People – Fat Cyclist Raises $100K+

Fat Cyclist raised more than $135,000 for LiveStrong and World Bicycle Relief in less than seven days using social media – because people give to people. Every nonprofit needs to tell their stories for, with and about people – because people give to people.

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TweetCamp Chicago Success!

¡Congratulations! to Maura Hernandez for mobilizing friends and colleagues to create TweetCamp Chicago.
More than 100 Tweeters and Tweeters to be learned about tweeting for personal and professional use. Twitter 101 and one on one was a buzz with those who know how sharing with those who wanted to know. The sharing was wonderful – Twitter basics and apps that make it work. More importantly the willingness to give and take was terrific. The essence of the more you give, the more you receive.

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