NTEN, NTC and Holly Ross – Oh my!

This week, I was honored to interview Holly Ross, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) on Making a Difference radio. You can listen to our conversation here and subscribe to podcasts through iTunes or click here to get them delivered to your inbox.

For transparency sake, I should make it clear I am a huge fan, and member, of NTEN. Their annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is coming up next week. Stars aligned – Holly and I talked all things nonprofit and technology:

  • NTC is sold out but you can participate online. You can register for the online version to listen, watch and chat in to all the plenaries and six sessions selected for the virtual conference. You can follow and tweet into the very active Twitter stream #11NTC.
  • Holly says nonprofits need to look toward how we can harness the power of SMS, text and mobile giving. More than ten years ago we struggled through online giving, today 1% of $308 billion donated in 2009 was given online and that number is rising. Now donors have many options and we need to be able to give them the Amazon experience they expect.
  • NTEN offers many resources to its’ members and nonmembers beyond the conference. Webcasts, blogs, research, benchmarking, on and off line communities and networks. Check our their website for more information.
  • More about NTEN via Facebook and Twitter @ntenorg. Read their blog and check out all the webcasts.

Thanks to Holly and everyone at NTEN for providing great resources to the nonprofit sector and keeping us on our toes!

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