Infogram Organigrams – Visual Data for Storytelling

In the March 8 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy the front page article on visualizing data got my attention. You can read the full article here if you are a Chronicle subscriber.

I have to say – how well we share our story has always been at the heart of fundraising success.

Telling our story using graphics is a GREAT idea! Not that we weren’t doing it before – but the graphics were photos and I will agree really boring pie and bar charts.

We can always improve how we tell our stories and “infograms” are one way we can update a fundraising 101 best practice. The Chronicle article offered some great tips:

  • Take a look at how for- and non-profits are using infographics – see some samples here.
  • Identify what data your organization has collected and what outside sources reinforce your information and help with context
  • Balance aesthetics and substance. Your infogram needs to be useful and visually appealing

I also believe you need to know your audience and where you are using your infographics. Think about these questions and ideas when developing your infographics.

  • Can an annual report be full of infographics or replaced by them?
  • How can infographics inform your e-news readers?
  • On your website will an infogram make your mission and accomplishments clearer?
  • Will the infograms inspire and educate your advocates and donors?
  • Ask your readers what they want to know and how they want to see it.
  • Share your infogram beyond your staff before your post – sometimes we are too close to our stories to be objective about the information or how we are sharing it.

How will you use infographics to inform, educate and inspire???

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