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Let Rejection Teach You not Defeat You by Steven Scott Crandell

Huffington Post picked this up from Scott’s Thinking Philanthropy tumblr feed. I am following him and encourage you to do the same. He is sharing some great fundraising thinking.

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Delighting in the Weird

Dontcha just love getting Seth Godin’s posts via email? Sunday was Delight in the Weird. Well he had me at “weird”. I always considered myself an outlier or weirdo…I read his blog and usually find a way to apply it to my fundraising, nonprofit work. This post is no exception.

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Infogram Organigrams – Visual Data for Storytelling

In the March 8 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy the front page article on visualizing data got my attention. I have to say – how well we share our story has always been at the heart of fundraising success. Telling our story using graphics is a GREAT idea! Not that we weren’t doing it before – but the graphics were photos and I will agree really boring pie and bar charts.

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Upwardly Global – Finding Great Work for Highly Skilled Immigrants

Jane Leu started Upwardly Global in 2000. She was frustrated placing skilled immigrants in low-skill jobs. . The organization continues to grow its partnerships with corporations and social investors who recognize the need to harness the potential of underutilized foreign-born professionals.

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Spring Fundraising – A Reminder in Five Steps

Before you know it, March and April will be here. Are you ready to send out your next fundraising appeal? All those folks who didn’t make a contribution to your end of the year appeal – we need to ask them again!

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Celebrate – Always

Every day nonprofits make change happen, most change lives, many save lives. We need to celebrate all our successes – large and small. Make it a new ritual for you and your organization.

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Tell a Good Story – Part 2

This post talks about techniques I have used successfully to get the good story message across. For the most part readers scan letters. We need to format the letter to get the good story across the way the reader reads!

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Tell a Good Story – Part 1

This time of year, nonprofits are fundrasing using the mail for their end of year appeals. In essence, it has to be the best story we tell all year. If you have already mailed yours – good! Start drafting your Spring appeal now. Give yourself time to draft, edit, test and write some more. Get in the mood!

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Anonymous Donors

Why not? Fundraising and philanthropy are all about donor needs. We have read recently about some large anonymous gifts recently. Yet some think this shouldn’t be. Again, why not? It is about what the donor wants and needs. And beyond being anonymous to the public, some are asking for anonymity within the organization.

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