Spring Fundraising – A Reminder in Five Steps

Before you know it, March and April will be here. Are you ready to send out your next fundraising appeal? All those folks who didn’t make a contribution to your end of the year appeal – we need to ask them again!

  1. Materials Prep
    Start writing your letter, preparing the materials and updating database now, you will be ready to go before April 15th.  Give yourself the time to write and edit.
  2. Social Media
    Don’t forget your social media strategy, email follow-up after the letter has dropped. Cause and messages on your Facebook fan page. Engage your “major donor” social media friends to help you ask those online friends.
  3. Engaging the Board – Hopefully you already have a list from each Board member. Make sure the lists are updated with any responses from the 2009 mailing. Ask Board members to review their lists again to make any additions and changes.
  4. Communication Timing – Be sure you have sent thank you letters to everyone who gave in 2009. Are you ready with a newsletter – hard copy or electronic – between now and your Spring appeal? Remember we need to cultivate in between the asks or we aren’t effectively engaging our donors.
  5. Working the Plan – Starting early means there is no unnecessary stress on staff, writing and editing is more thoughtful and you can plan the work more effectively. Look at your organization calendar. Is there a good place, before, after or in conjunction with your Spring event?

Start over again – this is an unending cycle. When we have the time to write our cultivation AND solicitation are done effectively with great results!

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