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Fundraiser’s 18-24 Month Churn

I’ve been in fundraising a long time. For as long as I can remember, we talk about the turnover in development staff – 18-24 months. Here’s my take:

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From a Donor Regarding Your Thank You Letters

A donors take on your thank you letter process.

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From Fundcatching to the Donor Qualification

Discovery and qualification is one of the most important next steps. Remember, these are donors who responded to a mass appeal or crisis – and never gave before – or maybe during the last crisis.

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Fundcatching Conversion?

My question is what do we do with these gifts and the donors who so quickly responded? There is an ongoing discussion about “converting” donors from reactive giving to ongoing support. I have always had a challenge with the term “converting.”

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Fundraising v Fundcatching

I had never heard the term fundcatching until a couple years ago, had you? So my question is, once we “catch” these gifts (because we have all received them) as professional fundraisers who are donor-centric in our work – what do we do?

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High Net Worth Philanthropy Report 2014

The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and U.S. Trust, Bank of America just released the 2014 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy report.

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Honesty about Being a Nonprofiteer

A nonprofit job can’t help you relieve debt – personal or from college. I don’t know your savings account will grow exponentially – depends on how you live or the standard of living you want/need to have.

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Infogram Organigrams – Visual Data for Storytelling

In the March 8 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy the front page article on visualizing data got my attention. I have to say – how well we share our story has always been at the heart of fundraising success. Telling our story using graphics is a GREAT idea! Not that we weren’t doing it before – but the graphics were photos and I will agree really boring pie and bar charts.

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Capital Campaign Fatigue?

One of my nonprofit clients is in the stakeholder phase of a $15,000,000 capital campaign. They have been in campaign mode for more than 18 months. In the last six months they have raised more than $5,000,000! There is no campaign fatigue here and I wanted to share how we are working together to overcome challenges and keep the energy high.

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AFP International Fundraising Conference 2011- Monday Picks

In follow up to Part 1, I continue to highlight information before the conference starts. Hopefully some of this information will help you plan your conference experience live or via social media on line. In Part 1, I posted all the online channels AFP will be using.

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