From Fundcatching to the Donor Qualification

In the previous post, I wrote about the math of assigning the right donors to major gift portfolios. This is only step one to determining if these are the right donors….

Discovery and qualification is one of the most important next steps. Remember, these are donors who responded to a mass appeal or crisis – and never gave before – or maybe during the last crisis.

So we need to determine:

  • Philanthropic capacity – through wealth screening
  • Philanthropic interest elsewhere – are they giving through prospect research
  • Google always helps….
  • What interests them in our organization?
  • How can we connect with them?

This is work….qualification and discovery. It takes time but will make sure your fundraising pipeline and portfolio is right and true.

  • Call these donors –  if you have a phone number
  • Email follow up to each call
  • Repeat until you get a response – ok maybe not until but it will take more than one call – I would try every week for a month

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