From a Donor Regarding Your Thank You Letters

Dear Nonprofit Organization,

I just received my third thank you letter from you this year. And while I like getting thank you letters and appreciate your effort on this front, there are a couple items I would like to bring to your attention.

Every letter I receive is the same – same letter, same content, same typos, same electronic signature. It would be nice if you could vary the information or update me on something you have done with my contribution. I get I am not one of your “big” donors, but I do respond every time you send me a request – which seems to be more often every year.

I called to let you know I was divorced about six months ago and changed my name, but you keep sending correspondence to my married name. I would really appreciate it if you would finally and forever change my name wherever you keep it. I hate getting letters with my old name almost as much as I hate my ex-husband.

And while I am writing, I wanted to let you know I received your last annual report –  thank you. But it was mailed to my old address and forwarded by the post office. So there must be something wrong because your letters asking for my support reach my correct address, but the annual report did not.

I am wondering if you have an email you can send me with updates? I know I get email newsletters from other organizations and I know you have my email address, but I would like to get some more updates and information between your requests for money.

Thank YOU!

Your donor

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