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Fundraising v Fundcatching

I had never heard the term fundcatching until a couple years ago, had you? So my question is, once we “catch” these gifts (because we have all received them) as professional fundraisers who are donor-centric in our work – what do we do?

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Be Fearless Fundraisers!

In light of the recent Giving USA annual report and Case Foundation call to arms Be Fearless, we don’t have time for incremental change – we need to bold, risk taking moves and be willing to take risks and learn from failure. I believe our donors want us to take the lead, be bold, even courageous in our work and with them.

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Thinking is Underrated

From Tony Martigneti – If you’re a fundraiser, you’ve got plenty of relationships to think about. You can think if you’re new to a job; lead others; have goals for your life and in your work….

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Nonprofits – Is Less More on Social Media?

I realize many nonprofits are grappling with the how and who of social media. There are issues around time, how much is enough, too much, a waste of time? Who should “control” it, fundraising, program or marketing? What is the content we want to share?
Here’s the thing….social media is all about relationships.

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Upwardly Global – Finding Great Work for Highly Skilled Immigrants

Jane Leu started Upwardly Global in 2000. She was frustrated placing skilled immigrants in low-skill jobs. . The organization continues to grow its partnerships with corporations and social investors who recognize the need to harness the potential of underutilized foreign-born professionals.

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Social Media Free Agents – Crashing into Nonprofit Walls

What’s a free agent? They are volunteers in your network (or maybe outside who found you). Free agents are passionate about your work, issues and want to make a difference.

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Partners for Progress – Equine Therapy for People with Disabilities

Partners for Progress is a nonprofit organization that provides unique equine therapy-based programs for individuals with disabilities. They utilize trained volunteers, quality certified and/or licensed staff and equine superstars to assist in the physical, mental, emotional and social development of their clients, making their organization a premier, goal oriented, equine therapy facility.

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Fundraising Road Show

So have you given any thought to doing a Fundraising Road Show? We know need to talk to our donors and prospects more. We need to hone the message we want to share. When you want money ask for advice. When was the last time you sat down one-on-one or in small groups with your donors or prospects? I mean outside of campaign feasibility study?

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Spring Fundraising – A Reminder in Five Steps

Before you know it, March and April will be here. Are you ready to send out your next fundraising appeal? All those folks who didn’t make a contribution to your end of the year appeal – we need to ask them again!

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Tell a Good Story – Part 2

This post talks about techniques I have used successfully to get the good story message across. For the most part readers scan letters. We need to format the letter to get the good story across the way the reader reads!

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