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Tell a Good Story – Part 1

This time of year, nonprofits are fundrasing using the mail for their end of year appeals. In essence, it has to be the best story we tell all year. If you have already mailed yours – good! Start drafting your Spring appeal now. Give yourself time to draft, edit, test and write some more. Get in the mood!

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Anonymous Donors

Why not? Fundraising and philanthropy are all about donor needs. We have read recently about some large anonymous gifts recently. Yet some think this shouldn’t be. Again, why not? It is about what the donor wants and needs. And beyond being anonymous to the public, some are asking for anonymity within the organization.

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Give Back Chicago! – November 4

It is a great opportunity for professionals to donate their skills to specific nonprofit projects. If you are working, under-employed or looking for work, Give Back Chicago is a great way to share your expertise and help your community.

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Last Quarter Social Media Moves: Fundraising

Do you have a Facebook page or group, a Twitter account or two or a group on LinkedIn – take some time to review your friends and followers. Who in your group has lots of fans, friends and followers? Those folks could help you increase your last quarter bottom line.

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Fundraising – Social Media “Major Donors” as Leaders

Let’s talk about a new way of engaging social media donor in fundraising. Social media offers new opportunities to fundraise. However, I think the same old fashioned rule applies – “People give to people.” Social media is very much person to person (and lots of them!) – but on-line or virtually.

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Raising Money using Social Media

Nonprofits change lives and save lives. Nonprofit work and the people/communities they support are worth more than $10. Social media needs to be a part of an overall marketing strategy – not an end unto itself.

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Fundraising – Cultivating Social Media “Major Donors”

This post talks about how to cultivate social media major donors once you have identified them. Outreach to folks who have chosen to follow or friend you is easy. But like any major donor cultivation program – outreach needs to strategic and personalized to the donors interests. Fortunately, social media makes it easy to determine their interests and follow up accordingly.

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On-Boarding Staff – Ideas You can Use

Everyone has 90 days to decide if this new relationship is going to work. I am referring to the internal relationships and starting those off in the right direction. This is your first impression for your new staff member. We want them to feel welcome and show that we took the time to prepare for their arrival.

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Knowing-Doing Part 2 – Fear Keeps us from Doing….

Continuing on the knowing v. doing theme and how a fear of failure or distrust keeps us from trying something new or implementing what we know is right. As you know, the focus of my consulting practice is on fundraising. I know changing fundraising practices is tough. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke – but I want to know if we are getting the biggest bang for our buck in every fundraising activity. Change is sometimes what’s needed to take a leap and see a better result.

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Turning Diners into Donors

Special events are an important part of our fundraising plan. They can be a point of entry, individual giving tool, an opportunity to raise awareness. The true success of a special event, is the ability to convert event attendees into annual donors.

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