Give Back Chicago! – November 4

It was a brainstorm!

Question: How can we engage and help professionals who want to give back?

Answer: We will match up nonprofit projects with volunteers who have the skills and time to donate.

Simple as that Maura Hernandez, Justin G. Roy, Jean Pickering and I created Give Back Chicago. It is a great opportunity for professionals to donate their skills to specific nonprofit projects. If you are working, under-employed or looking for work, Give Back Chicago is a great way to share your expertise and help your community. At the event you will be able to meet with nonprofits, talk to them and others, like you, who want to help.

We are delighted more than 20 nonprofits have submitted projects. We will be matching the projects with the people at our happy hour and skills auction on:
Wednesday, November 4
Bucca di Beppo
521 N. Rush
You can register here!
All of the registration fees will go to one nonprofit drawn at random on November 4.

Give Back Chicago is matching skills, nonprofit needs and donating to great organizations. Join us in making positive change in our community.

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2 thoughts on “Give Back Chicago! – November 4

    1. Charlotte,
      Thanks for your comment and question. This is our first. We are planning quarterly depending on how this goes. Will take your suggestion for burbs into consideration.
      Thanks again!

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