Climate Change – Fact or Fiction?

I live in Chicago – let me tell you – climate change and global warming is upon us!

You know global warming is real in Chicago when:

Chicago summer includes multiple days of 100+ degrees, people die during the heat wave and Chicago purchases buses with air conditioning.

  • Chicago misses major snow storms and has less snow than New York
  • Chicago has no snow and Arizona floods.
  • Lake Michigan loses more than an inch of water annually.
  • Chicago has temperature swings of 40 degrees in one day.
  • It’s November and 60 degrees one day with three inches of snow the next.
  • It is more humid during a Chicago summer than Florida.
  • Spring rain showers show up in the Fall – warm temperatures and light rain.
  • Crocuses start blooming during a warm March only to be frozen in April or May
  • Big snow storms hit in April or May.
  • You don’t need a winter coat in December.

Don’t get me wrong, when it’s warm in Chicago, we don’t complain. But deep down we know it’s wrong, very wrong…especially when it shouldn’t be warm. We love seeing Spring begin, but not in March. We have come to expect a storm in April or even May.

None of this is reflects normal weather patterns for a northern, Midwest city like Chicago. These changes are new over the past ten years. Everyone is trying to mitigate global warming. The city has purchased electric buses. We have a stronger car sharing program than in previous year. High gas prices moved many people to public transport. But we have a long way to go.

I am committed to making any and all changes I can to positively impact the environment. I sold my car, joined the car sharing program but still try not to use it. I bike and walk whenever and wherever feasible and even try using the electric trains over the bus system. I have to believe all my choices make a positive impact. I have to believe because we only have one Earth and I want to be sure it is around for generations that follow. Think about what you can do to make a difference.

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