Climate Change – Four Changes You CAN Make

The United Nations will be convening thousands of global representatives in Copenhagen in December. While they are over there TALKING about climate change, we can decide to make change now that will positively change our impact on our Earth in our neighborhoods. No one said saving the climate would be easy – but anything worthwhile takes commitment, work and maybe sacrifice. I’m in are you?

  1. Reduce the number of lights you use or need – Take a walk around the house/office. How many lights do you need? Or how many in one room? I live in a loft, I can assure you all those ceiling tracks don’t need four to six lights in them and now only have one or two. At your office – turn off the overhead lights and use a task lamp on your desk. THEN change ALL your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.
  2. Take a walk – Can you walk to work, grocery shopping, meetings or lunch with friends? I know not everyone can, but where and when you can, do. When we don’t use a car or bus, we are lowering carbon emissions. If you can’t walk, take public transportation or sign up for a share car program. I sold my car and never looked back. My feet, bike, car share and mass transit are all working to get me where I need to be.
  3. Wash in cold water or less water in general – Laundry detergents don’t require hot water to clean your clothes. Make sure to use the amount of water you need to wash your clothing. Heated water takes more energy. I use less detergent and cold water all the time – so far my clothes smell fine!
  4. Make good food choices for you and the planet – Buying local does more than support your local farmer – it saves on the carbon emissions it costs to transport your food to the store. Buying organic is good for a number of reason. It is good for you because the farmer doesn’t use chemicals to grow your food. Because of the farmer’s commitment to growing organic he isn’t polluting the water table with pesticides. My local farmers produce better food than the stuff I used to buy at the large, chain grocery store and I feel better about my purchases.

Think about doing your part to save the planet. Some changes will make an impact immediately. Others will leave a legacy for generations who follow us. In either case, it is worth the effort, sacrifice and commitment. After all, we only have one Earth, let’s not waste it.

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