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Why Do Board Members Give? by Jerry Panas

(1) Belief in the mission of the organization (your service and how you touch lives) and
(2) confidence in your future vision were rated “important” and “very important” by everyone.
It’s my responsibility as a Board member was ranked “important” by virtually everyone— but of interest, very few rated it as “very important.” (Where are we failing in letting board members know it is indeed their very important responsibility?)

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Mission Moment Preparedness

In yesterday’s post on Delighting in the Weird, I suggested we create the weird through mission moment preparedness at Board meetings. Mission moment preparedness is all about empowering Board members’ understanding of, engaging in and helping them share the mission – anytime, anywhere, with anyone. The idea is to create and practice scenarios where Board members can get comfortable sharing your mission. I hope we agree mission moments should be a part of every Board meeting – if not you can save some time and stop reading now. 🙂

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Delighting in the Weird

Dontcha just love getting Seth Godin’s posts via email? Sunday was Delight in the Weird. Well he had me at “weird”. I always considered myself an outlier or weirdo…I read his blog and usually find a way to apply it to my fundraising, nonprofit work. This post is no exception.

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Nonprofit Board Engagement

Let’s not complicate our work with nonprofit Board members – they can be our best advocates, fundraisers and major donors. Let’s treat them well!

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Get Your Give On!

Ahh the sweet smell of volunteering. Add a dose of kitchen and nirvana may have been achieved.

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Nonprofit Sacred Spaces and Technology

In the last few years technology has impacted our engagement with our leaders. We are emailing Board members instead of calling them. We send information, Board minutes, agendas, updates electronically. Some nonprofits have established intranets for their Board members to give them access to information any time they want. Question is: Is this helpful to deepening our engagement with these important advisors, donors, leaders and communicating effectively?

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Capital Campaign Fatigue?

One of my nonprofit clients is in the stakeholder phase of a $15,000,000 capital campaign. They have been in campaign mode for more than 18 months. In the last six months they have raised more than $5,000,000! There is no campaign fatigue here and I wanted to share how we are working together to overcome challenges and keep the energy high.

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Investment Follows Involvement – How to Engage Donors

A recent report by the Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy at USC says philanthropic training and immersion encourages donors to give more money and spend more time volunteering. Investment follows involvement. Partners identified two of the SVP activities – serving on the committee that makes collective giving decisions, and volunteering with the organizations they support – as the most beneficial socialization experiences.

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Why Engage Others in Fundraising?

To be successful, or even to start a major gift program, donors, staff and volunteer leadership need to be engaged. Major gift fundraising is all about the one-on-one ask, high-touch cultivation and solicitation. But more than that, it is about the RIGHT person or people doing the one-on-one.

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Give Back Chicago! – November 4

It is a great opportunity for professionals to donate their skills to specific nonprofit projects. If you are working, under-employed or looking for work, Give Back Chicago is a great way to share your expertise and help your community.

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