Creating Balance!?! – Walking the Talk

Well let me tell you….none of us is perfect and I for one have never counted myself amongst those who are! However, I have never missed an appointment ……until yesterday! It is funny and terrible at the same time. I have to thank Robin Donaldson from National Safe Place for filling in and everyone on the webcast who sent me a message of understanding. At least I had sent her my Power Point BEFORE the webcast.

Robin and I had scheduled a series of webcasts and yesterday at 2pm Eastern was “Creating Balance – Professional Management Skills“. I walked into an unexpected meeting and didn’t get out until 2:50pm – when I promptly called into the webcast! How appropriate I would be missing in action for the session on CREATING BALANCE and management skills! Do you get the irony????

Here are some things I need to remember:

  • You can only be in one place at one time (and I was – but too long at the wrong one!)
  • Be present when you are there – (Yep there too – fully present at the meeting – NOT the webcast!)
  • Set reminders for meetings and to dos (Um yeah if it had gone off in the meeting I could have figured something out)
  • Own up to a busy schedule and fix it! (Working on that – ok for me personally – not so much when others are waiting for you!)
  • Move on more mindfully!

I have apologized. Everyone who participated thanked Robin for her great presentation. And many sent me notes of understanding. Boy, that’s not going to happen again anytime soon.

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