Nonprofits – Is Less More on Social Media?

Social media has the ability to:

  • Take relationships to the next level
  • Learn about and from new people who might not know your organization
  • Push messages, share information, create a buzz
  • Get another point of view

I realize many nonprofits are grappling with the how and who of social media. There are issues around time, how much is enough, too much, a waste of time? Who should “control” it, fundraising, program or marketing? What is the content we want to share?
Here’s the thing….social media is all about relationships. Think about it like virtual networking. As Justin G. Roy, Director of Social Media at Nichols University says in his blog,

“Simply being present (on social media) is not enough for any online branding and marketing (aka social media) strategy. Would you attend a networking event and sit in the corner, choose one person (based on the numbers), walk up to them, announce your good news, then walk away?”

Such a great analogy!

I also believe any social media strategy needs to start with goals! Do you want to:

  • Engage a new audience
  • Push messages
  • Raise money
  • Raise awareness
  • All or none of the above

Depending on your goals – you should shape your social media strategy accordingly.

Another analogy to think about: friendships v. acquaintances.
Do you want to have long or short term relationships? Is it a once a month book club friendship? Meet once a week for coffee? Talk everyday to your BFF? Determining what you want for and from social media, will help you define your strategy, resources and plan.

Finding good, worthwhile, valuable content is not hard. Be strategic about your messages, using hash tags, search terms and you will find the people using social media to a good end…just like you! With discipline and focus, you can easily avoid those talking about their dogs, coffee and kids – unless that’s what interests you!

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