Ten Keys to Successful Tweeting for Non-Profit Organizations

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twit5Effectively Using Twitter for Your Non-Profit

Can your organization effectively activate your stakeholders and other on Twitter? The simple answer is yes.  To be successful keep these ideas in mind:

1.       Use social media as a part of your overall communication and marketing strategy.

2.       Have a relationship with your key stakeholders already?

a.       In real time

b.      Electronically

c.       Via snail mail

3.       Good electronic communication already in place with your key stakeholders

4.       Pick a campaign, theme, idea – urgency, focus, impact are required

5.       Schedule your tweets throughout the day.

6.       Be sure your points of presence on the web are working and updated regularly

a.       Website

b.      Facebook page and groups

c.       Twittering regularly already with followers

d.      Collaborative partnerships on the web with corporate partners, donors, foundations

7.       Pick the best person in your organization to lead the effort

8.       Find a partner willing to support the tweets or match gifts from Tweeters

9.       Be able to provide updates on the progress of your campaign – measure everything

10.   Finish with a big (electronic) thank you

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