Julia Child

Go see Julie and Julia. It’s a great chick flick, foodie fun, culinary history lesson. If you really want to hear some good stories, listen to Terry Gross’ interview with Julia on Fresh Air. If you are already a Julie Powell fan, good for you. Personally, I like the real thing – Julia Child.  Do you remember watching Julia (and Jacques) on PBS? I do!

I was fortunate to have the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) as a client when we celebrated Julia’s 80th birthday. Their conference was in Chicago. Martin Yang, Julia and Jacques Pepin did a wonderful cooking demo and signed cookbooks.

One of the things I had to do was get Jacques and Julia out of the ballroom and into a cab for dinner. While it was difficult getting them out of the book signing, I knew the back ways of the hotel and we quickly ended up at the cab stand without a trailing of fans. They were off to dinner at the Ritz Dining Room and while I tried to decline, Jacques insisted I join them for dinner. It was truly being in the right place at the right time.

We arrived at the Ritz and joined folks from King Arthur Flour. Sarah Stenger, then Chef at The Dining Room, greeted us and asked Julia if she would allow her to cook for us. Of course Julia accepted and food from the kitchen started arriving. We all received a plate of different items prepared by Sarah. Julia instructed each of to take a taste and pass to the left so we could all try Sarah’s great food. It was a wonderful dinner, great conversation.

I have a number of Julia’s old and new cookbooks, many of them signed by her to me. I am admitted foodie and not willing to go into treatment. I admit to traveling to learn to cook. I admit cooking for friends because I love an audience. I admit to looking forward to watching Julia Child on PBS as a young woman. I admit to taking professional cooking classes here and overseas and loving every minute of it. We all should be forever grateful for Julia’s influence on cooking, eating and enjoying food.

If my passion is fundraising my love is food and cooking.

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